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Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani in Lombok is the second highest volcano in Indonesia right after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra and one of the most popular trekking spots in Indonesia. This streneous hike may be one of the greatest challenge in life but if you succeed, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise and a view over the whole island including the Gilis and even Bali.

Standing at 3,726 m in the north center, Mount Rinjani takes a good chunk of whole Lombok and its massive caldera of 50 km square holds a crater lake called Segara Anak (Child of Sea), which has a natural hot spring. The Gunung Baru, a new volcano forming in the crater lake, is one of the most active volcanos in Indonesia, similarly to Mount Bromo in Java and adds to the scenery as an incredible landmark.

Mount Rinjani had been proposed by the government to UNESCO to be one of the world’s first official geoparks if approved.

 Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages

2 Days  / 1 Night Summit

Climb up to the crater rim for sunset. Camp at the crater rim for the night. Wake up early and hike to the  summit for sunrise. After you summit for sunrise, you’ll begin your trek back down to the entrance where your transportation will be waiting for you.

This option is the most rushed and most strenuous on your body. Your two days are jam packed with long, difficult ascents and descents on very little sleep. However, if you are up for the challenge, this option is the most budget friendly. We recommend a longer trip though if you want to get the most out of this experience.

2 Days  / 1 Night Senaru  Crater Rim

2Days & 1Night  Trek From Senaru. This gives you the opportunity to reach the rim by sunset, spend the night then descend again after an epic volcano sunrise breakfast.

3 Days / 2 Nights (MOST POPULAR)

Climb up to the crater rim for sunset. Camp at the crater rim for the night. Wake up early and hike to the  summit for sunrise. After sunrise, descend to the lake and swim in the hot springs prior to beginning your climb up the other side of the crater rim for sunset. Camp here for the night and then climb back down the next morning.

4 Days / 3 Nights

Same as the 3 day / 2 night package except you camp at the lake on Night 2, check out a cave, and enjoy some free time. This option is definitely not as rushed as the others listed above but it’s also the most expensive and time consuming option. If you really want to get the most out of your trip, this is the best option.

 Most Popular Ascent Routes

There are two most popular routes up Rinjani, which start from different sides of the mountain; Sembalun or Senaru. If you are doing the 2 Day 1 Night trek you will climb up and down the same route. Most companies running the 3 Day 2 Night and 4 Day 3 Night will offer you the chance to either climb up Sembalun and down Senaru or climb up Senaru and down Sembalun.

If you are doing the 2 Day 1 Night Rinjani Trekking and you want to go to the summit do the Sembalun route (you can’t summit the volcano in 2 days on the Senaru route). For longer treks I’d recommend the Sembalun to Senaru route. btw, most tour operators run their trips up the Sembalun route.

Sembalun: Of the two, this is the easier trek. It’s mostly grassland with ascents followed by open plains until you reach the base of the summit. The downside is that you’re climbing in the open sun.

 How To Get To Mount Rinjani Lombok

Get to Mount Rinjani when you are already on Lombok

If you are already on Lombok, you can get to Mount Rinjani by scooter, moped, motorbike or by car. If, however, you are doubting your transport methods, you can also just keep it simple and let your trekking company arrange a transfer for you. This service is included in your trekking package when you are booking through rinjanivolcano.com

Get to Mount Rinjani by Plane

Mount Rinjani is on the Indonesian island of Lombok and the best way to get to Lombok is to fly directly to Lombok International Airport (LOP), where you can easily find a transfer to the North of Lombok, to either Senaru or Sembalun. Once you are at the airport, your trekking company can fetch you from any village on the island. This service always included.

Get to Mount Rinjani by Boat

You can also get to Mount Rinjani by boat. Unless you are sailing the seven seas, most people get to Rinjani by boat from on another island like Bali or West Nusa Tenggara. If you are visiting the Gili islands from Bali, you will easily find a fast boat or a ferry from the Gili Islands to Lombok, where again you will be able to get a transfer to Senaru for your Rinjani trekking

 When to Hike Rinjani

When planning your Mount Rinjani trek, it’s best to pay attention to the rainy seasons. Understand that Indonesia is hit with two different monsoon seasons and to make your Rinjani trek the best it can be, you’ll want to avoid the rainy seasons.

The best time to trek Mount Rinjani is from May to November. During these months, the weather is dry but this also means these months are peak season which means more tourists on the mountain.

The times to avoid trekking Rinjani are January – March. Heavy rain hits Lombok during these months making the Rinjani trek super dangerous.

Mount Rinjani National Park typically closes during these months due to the unpredictability and safety issues in climbing Rinjani. Not only is it dangerous to literally trek the paths during the rainy season, but rock and mudslides are common.

 Mt. Rinjani Trekking Packing List


One/two sweat-wicking t-shirts

One pair of shorts

One pair of long pants

UV Buff/Hat/Bandanna (for sun/sweat/dust protection)

Good hiking shoes / trail runners (normal running shoes don’t have enough tread)

Sandals (it’s great to air your feet your at night)

Socks & Underwear (2 pairs)

Swim suit (for the hot spring)

Warm Ware (Yes, warm clothing. It gets cold at the top)



Wind Breaker


Headlamp (for the night hike to the summit)

Portable charger





Toothbrush & toothpaste


Chapstick with SPF

Tiny towel quick dry towel

Face wash / Wet Wipes


Extra hair ties

First Aid Kit (for blisters and cuts)

Stomach medication and Ibuprofen

Some toilet paper or tissues

Hand sanitizer

Rinjani Volcano Trekkinng