Rinjani Volcano company is the name of a trekking organizer based in the Senaru Village area. This company has been run the since 2015 and has been gotten a permit / licence for carry out trekking and business service and all activities which include nature tourism in the Mount Rinjani National Park area and the Rinjani Volcano company has been got the License from Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

2D/1N Trekking Tour to Rinjani Mountain (crater rim)

This program is suitable for beginner climbers and for those of you who want to enjoy the scenic beauty from Senaru crater rim.

Rinjani Trek Program for 2D/1N

Rinjani Trek Program for 2D/1N starting from Sembalun to the crater rim of Sembalun, summit, and down to the Sembalun village again.
This program is suitable for experienced climbers or for you are able to walk up and down the hill for an average of 6-8 hours per day.


Rinjani Trek Program for 3D/2N  starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake – Hot spring and down to Senaru village.

This program is suitable for experienced climbers or for you are able to walk up and down the hill for an average of 6-8 hours per day

Rinjani Trek 4D/3N to Summit

Rinjani Trek Program for 4D/3N  starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, summit, Lake – Hot spring and down to Senaru village.

This program is suitable for beginners climbers and family Tour for you are able to walk up and down the hill for an average of 6 hours per day


Trekking via Torean Trail, this climbing route is suitable for local climbers and is enjoyed by nature climbers who are a little more challenging, but this route is very popular among at  Asia . We have provided a special package for the Torean route and for details information about the package please look to Trekking via Torean itinerary.

Mount Rinjani Volcano

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano after Mount Merapi, in the history of Mount Rinjani is Mount Samalas, previously only known as Mount Samalas with an altitude 4200+100 masl ( 13780+330 ft ).
Mount Rinjani erupted for the first time in 1846 while for the last eruption in 2015
it is known that Mount Rinjani erupted 11 times, the next eruption occurred in the caldera, namely Mount Baru Jari and Mount Rombongan or referred to as Mount Mas and in general the eruptions released lava and volcanic ash and in the form of steam gas. in 1943 there was an earthquake and volcanic ash rain for 7 days, this event was a natural disaster on the island of Lombok which destroyed all plants and houses.

Mount Samalas was replaced with the name Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3,726 masl, Mount Rinjani formed a circular caldera around Lake Segara Anak, and a baby volcano of Mount Merapi grew in the middle of the lake, namely a Gunung Baru Jari. Gunung Barujari is Mount Merapi which is still active today, Mount Barujari the last erupted in 2015. Mount Rinjani is a place for Hindus to perform rituals and also a place for worship events to be held once a year, because Mount Rinjani has There are many places that are believed to be sacred, such as the name Gua Susu, Aik Kalak Jembangan and Pancoran Emas. This third place is where Hindus and local people perform rituals when they have certain intentions. in 1980, the local people made hiking trails for foreign tourists because Mount Rinjani became famous through local climbers who often held events on Mount Rinjani, after Mount Rinjani was recognized as a Geopark by UNESCO and the government of Mount Rinjani National Park, made an association for Trekking organizers to form a Trekking package to make it easier for climbers to climb Mount Rinjani. Previously, climbing Mount Rinjani could only be passed via the Senaru route and camping at Senaru crater and on the lake, the climbers started the journey to the top from the lake within 6 hours, and returned to the lake again after finishing climbing to the top, as time went on in 1990 many climbers followed the trail of former local climbers who performed rituals from Sembalun, and until now the trail Sembalun is the most famous, because the distance to the top of Rinjani is the closest route.

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I went on a trip with rinjani volcano company and our tour guide Yarto they were friendly and Insanely caring.
The Porter were incredible and the chep was of the world, each meals was nicely prepped and Georgius. Highly recommended to rinjanivolcano.com to anyone hike to mount rinjani.
Thank you!!

We had an amazing experience on mountain Rinjani and can’t we thankful enough to (Rinjani Volcano ) team for making it all happen everything was extremely professional, very well organizer in timely manner. Communication before and during The trip was very easy. The 3 Days trip sent so smooth ! I would higly recommend this company.

Me and my girlfriend did this trek 4D-3N with Rinjani Volcano company , really well organized from start to finish with friendly knowledge guide and delicious food cooked by the chefs to keep us going! The route was beautiful and the treks challenging but manageable, would definitely recommend Rinjani Volcano and teams.

We did a trekking tour 3D-2N with rinjani volcano company from the first day we were picked up organized according to plan we thank the team and driver for organizing our trip, amazing experience, great service everything from the morning tea, to the sleeping arrangements were taken care of perfectly, the food was excellent, the attention to detail was great and we felt safe and looked after along the way. Definitely we recommend to other who wants to climb to mount rinjani.

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